ARC-EN-CIEL means “rainbow” in French, an apt name for a vividly beautiful wildlife ranch situated between the Limietberg and Groenberg mountains in the Wellington area.

The farm is 1200 hectares in size and approximately 650 hectares of that has been transformed into a wildlife park, the remaining land consists of fenced camps for the breeding of rare wildlife species. That area has been carefully planned and divided into various breeding camps, complemented by specifically selected breeding areas to ensure the most effective management programme for these species.

ARC-EN-CIEL have a variety of rare wildlife species including disease-free African buffalo, bontebok, golden wildebeest/gnu, golden oryx, roan, sable antelope, quagga, kudu, copper, black and white springbuck. More common wildlife species are also on offer including giraffe, red hartebeest, vaal rhebuck, waterbuck, eland, and black wildebeest.