John Firth is a passionate, renowned wildlife breeder from Hillcrest Game Estates — Game Breeder of The Year Finalist (2017).

One of Hillcrest Game Estates’ primary distribution-network strategies, is to consistently and reliably supply top quality prime genetics and game to the geographic region of the Western Cape region.

The primary Cape Wildlife Group pillar that most closely aligns with our core game-farming focus, is that of wildlife breeding.

Presently, three breeding projects comprise the heart of our game-farming operations based at Hillcrest Game Estates in Wolmaransstad.

Our primary breeding projects include:

Project 1 — East Africa Buffalo
MAGAMBA is our prize East Africa Buffalo-bull. Bought from Tembani Wildlife, at 6 years old, Magamba measures 47” which ranks him as a Wildlife Stud Services (WS2) Top 15% bull. Magamba is currently running with a group of selected cows who all measure in excess of 30”.

Project 2 — Roan
PIRATE  (+32,5”) is our proven Roan breeding bull.  He has produced numerous sons which have exceeded 30” horn lengths. Pirate was extensively used at Nyumbu Game (Norman Adami) as part of a roan super-group project. No less than twenty of Pirate’s daughters remain in this group.

Project 3 — Matetsi Sable
BOLAND  (+51,5”) is our prized Matetsi Sable breeding bull. Boland is running with cows of no less than 30” horns and is registered with WS2.

Integrity lies at the heart of our game-farming operations. Hillcrest Game Estates produces outstanding quality animals using only the very best genetic stock. Superior progeny is the embryo of Hillcrest’s breeding projects. Hillcrest strives towards an economically sustainable game farming model — Our collaborative partnerships with WildlifeCampus.com and Diphetogo crèche bear witness to our commitment to the pursuit of a socially and environmentally responsible raison d’être in everything we think, say and do.